Version 1.0

The first version of Flashcard Adder brings to you the following brilliant features.

Sticky Fields

  • Easily preserve or clear fields after adding a card.

Action Extension

  • Use Flashcard Adder’s action extension to quickly add flashcards or save work in progress flashcards into the main app.

Automatic Note Switching

  • Flashcard Adder automatically detects clozes and allows pain-free transition between normal and cloze note types.

Text Clean-Up

  • Flashcard Adder cleans errant new lines and spacing commonly present when copying text from pdf files.

Cloze Options

  • Convenience buttons and keyboard shortcuts to create different configurations of clozes.

Persistent Reference Space

  • Park useful reference material in a dedicated field separate from the flashcard.

Automatic Saving

  • Work in progress flashcards are saved and persist after the app is closed.