Last updated
November 3rd 2020

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the Flashcard Adder app. To summarize, we only collect opt-in crash log data provided by Apple and has no access to any personally identifiable data entered in the app.

1.0 Information Collection and Usage

To assist in improving Flashcard Adder, we keep copies of crash logs collected by Apple. This information is collected on an opt-in basis and requires user consent before crash logs are sent to both us and Apple. Access to crash logs makes it easier to diagnose and squash bugs.

1.1 Information you provide to us

No personally identifiable information is collected in our log data. Nothing you type in our app is visible to us unless you voluntarily choose to share it to us when contacting us for any comments or support.

2.0 Questions and Comments? Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at t……